March 8 2011 - Ba Don (109km of 493km)

Rain again. So much rain that we thought about not leaving at all. Then we got going anyway and luckily after a while the rain subsided.

On this part of our journey we're always asked for money. It's always with a smile though...These kids wait for us at the top of a climb. They run to us and they help us by pushing our bikes. Then they wait for their rightful reward.

This is the ”internet point” in Nha Nghi where we spent the night. The kid was doing his homework so I have to be quick.

And the chase goes on.

2 commenti:

  1. Camera con vista?!? L'avete preferita a quella con bagno?

  2. che dire... alloggio molto carino.. forse leggermente minimalista.... ma per star più comodi non avrete mica scalzato dalla sua amaca l'occupante?.... :-D