March 6 2011 - Cua Lò (129km of 308km)

On the road to the ocean.

No pictures of the ocean or lily white beaches...We got there at sunset on a foggy day. We're in the toursit's town of Cua Lò. This town is only for vietnamese tourists though since it seems to be quite dirty (and, as the Lonely Planet Guide says, for other unpleasant details). It looks abandoned this time of the year and that only adds up to this place's decay. But at least we can smell the ocean and we caught a glance of the beach at night and it seems beautiful. We had dinner in a sheet metal sort of shed. An ”open space” with kitchen, bedroom and dining room all in one place. As always food is great. You really eat very well in Vietnam. The gratification for all the Kilometers we covered today only adds up to the feeling of relaxation we get after a nice meal.

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  1. Potresti elaborare il concetto di "dettagli poco edificanti"?Sembra interessante.