March 10 2011 - Huè (78km of 717km)

As we leave we look for something to eat during the ride.

On the road to Huè, since I'm starving, I get through someone else's unattended food stock...

We evaluate alternative routes.

Our newest travel mate.

Right before we get to Huè we find a long line of military cemeteries. Here and there, amidst the vegetation, there are ghostlike white spots of naked land that look really out of place. They look like ghosts from the past who won't go away.
We took a turn on a small road in the middle of the rice fields and it led us to cross the Ancient Citadel Walls through the North Door.

We left the Forbidden City behind and we crossed the bridge over the Perfumed River. We're in the middle of the traffic of the third biggest city in Vietnam. We move swiftly through the crossroads. We learned to trust that those coming from behind will pay enough attention not to hit those in front.

One thing seems strange. After 6 days and 717 Km we get to see some western people again and we can hear them speak in english and french.

As for dinner,we look for the place with more “garbage” on the floor. It just means that lots of people go there so it must be good!!!

4 commenti:

  1. Mio papà diceva "cragna fa ciccia" ed io aggiungo che "quello che non strozza ingrassa"... però...

  2. E' vero che viaggiate comodi sulle vostre biciclette, ma queste sedie mi paiono un po mignon... e per i bagni vale la stessa regola più "resti" meglio è..... Comunque è proprio vero mai fermarsi alle apparenze!!! siete forti!!

  3. siete vermente forti. Il tuo diario l'ho visionato
    alle ore 23'20 e comprende il 10.03-l'11.03. Molto bene per condividere con altri le vostre irripetibili esperienze. Pa.

  4. Sior Loss,
    mi dica un pò, quanto avete pagato quei bambini perchè si mettessero in posa con aria festosa giusto per fare le foto???? Scherzi a parte, bellissime immagini ed emozioni uniche. Buona continuazione!