March 17 2011 - Nha Trang (129km of 1435km)

We reached Nha Trang! Weather conditions were really awful for most of the 10 hour ride.

The weather doesn't look promising as we prepare to leave.

On the pass we finally see a little bit of sunlight.

And after that a downpour of really hard rain. Black skies. The palms swaying like crazy in the wind. Raindrops like needles on our faces. At moments it felt like being underwater: even if we blinked, we just couldn't get the water out of our eyes. We rode at 13 km/h being basically pushed by really hard lateral wind blasts. We're soaking wet. Never seen so much water. Our Goretex jackets and waterproof pants just declared their defeat. Sorry, no pictures this time.
When we get to Nha Trang, the calm...after the storm.

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  1. ma dai niente tuffo? era attaccato anche l'idromassaggio....