March 21 2011 - Phan Ri Cura (86km of 1622km)

A refill at the local market on our way out of Phan Rang.

On the road to Phan Ri we get away from the coast for a while.

And then we get near the coast again.

It's 37 degrees Celsius (99 F). The suns burns our legs again, even the sunscreen gets cooked. The Kilometers feel harder. We stop in a Nha Nghi in Phan Ri for the night. This is a small village but still the streets are crowded and there are still many micro-shops and places where you can eat. Sometimes these “places where you can eat” are basically made of 2 small plastic stools and the landlady cooking on the sidewalk.

1 commento:

  1. cavolo che scenari mitici.. mare sempre più bello...
    devo dire che è una fortuna che siate in viaggio in bici.. altrimenti con tutte quelle leccornie culinarie diventavate come delle balene bianche scottate sotto il sole.. hi..hi..