March 12 2011 - Tam Ky (95km of 930km)


This is the situation we're in atfter 4PM. In an intricate road grid half an hour before sunset and the dark. We counted on the locals directions to get out of it (in vietmamese of course) but they seemed to send us in different, opposing ways and on paths we didn't have on our maps!!!

We didn't leave in a hurry from Da Nang in the morning. We wanted to give a last look to its beautiful beach.

Then we lost some time in the Hoi An village, a small touristic town for western tourits.

Coconut break.

Last picture.

And still we make it to our next stop when the night has already fallen.

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  1. cavolo un cocco me lo farei ora... e anche un giretto sulla spiaggia.. troppo una figata... e che tramonto....